Push the movie


Time: 3-6 PM
Location: THE HARLEM YMCA, 181 West 135th Street, at
Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., NYC

!!!!!!! IF you are HIRED, you will get PAID!!!!!


Harlem types with a look of the early 80’s.

This is a period piece that takes place in the early 80’s so we are most especially seeking those with early 80’s wardrobe and cars from 1982 and earlier.

We are seeking African American EXTRAS/Background and of all ages and types FOR LEE DANIELS’(Producer of MONSTER’S BALL, and THE WOODSMAN). NEW MOVIE is called PUSH and is set in HARLEM.

We will be shooting in and around NYC from mid-October 2007 to mid-December 2007.

PUSH is based on the best-selling novel by Sapphire, set in Harlem in 1987, it is the powerful and redemptive story of Precious Jones, a young girl struggling to overcome tremendous obstacles and discover her own voice.


GABOUREY SIDIBE, from Bedford-Stuyvesant and later Harlem, had seen bright lights and dressing rooms. She had been backstage at the Apollo. Her mother, Alice Tan Ridley, is a singer, and Gabbie, as people now call her, sometimes felt as if she and her brother had grown up behind the bar at the Cotton Club. She had done some singing, too, and had been in a few plays at Lehman College, where a friend was a theater major.

Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

But being the good witch Glinda in “The Wiz” or an Indian in “Peter Pan” was about as far as Ms. Sidibe, 24, expected her acting career to go. She didn’t want the crazy hours, or the worries about money or health insurance that she saw growing up. Her mother makes money singing in the Times Square subway station, but Ms. Sidibe, who lives on West 135th Street, saw herself behind a desk with a steady paycheck. This fall, she was taking college classes and working at a consumer complaint call center.

She almost didn’t go to the audition in September for the movie version of “Push,” a novel by the African-American poet Sapphire. She arrived late, as the casting people were getting ready to wrap up, to read for the starring role, that of an illiterate, abused teenager named Precious Jones in a story about incest, H.I.V. and the hope of redemption. And even though the casting search had gone on for months in audition rooms all across the country, she blew everyone away.


One thought on “Push the movie

  1. hello
    i just saw your crew outside my window seting up to film for the movie “push” and i was interested in knowing if i can be a part of this production. i am assuming that by now you may have all you characters picked out but i will be more then glad to play any extra roles that might be available.
    for a head shot (i might not have sent one correctly) please feel free to go to : http://www.myspace.com/therealjcraft and also feel free to contact me at my cellphone at any time…1917-526 -4134.
    thank you .

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