Love is in the air this weekend’s weddings


Bill Ranic and Juliana DePandi,


Usher and Tameka Foster


Byron Allen and Jennifer Lucas,


Kate Walsh and Alex Young


Troy Garity married Simone Bent

Jane Fonda and her second husband Tom Hayden‘s son Troy Garity married Simone Bent at Columbia University’s St. Paul’s. Troy is an actor who has appeared in Barber Shop 2.


27 thoughts on “Love is in the air this weekend’s weddings

  1. There is no way that Troy would have married that girl if his mama hadn’t pushed him into it. Trust. Jane even had to pick out the engagement ring and you better believe that Simone was hanging in there, hoping and praying for a proposal. I also hope she was smart enough to see to it that there was an iron clad pre-nup.

  2. I meant to say I hope that Jane saw to it that Troy signed an iron clad prenup. When that breaks up-and it will-it won’t be pretty.

  3. wow usher my name is sharina and i am 14 year old female who lives in cold winter ngland i think you look fit in your suit by the way bye love sharina xxxx

  4. what are your best highlights of your wedding usher did you really enjoy and did your mom turn up in the end because the papers said she didnt like tameka and she wasnt the write choice for you

  5. ha y estoy deacuerdo con clara la del otro comentario
    no consiguio una mejor de tantas mujeres que hay en el mundo muriwendosa por usted y usted se casa con esa mujer tan fea nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    era la unica que tenia enfrente que tomo esa dewsicion o estaba siego

  6. Aurra Jenkins.
    Please! Those pictures are first time I’ve sene Troy that happy. He loves that girl. He chose her. Mama welcomed her into the family. First of all, Jane Fonda adopted a Black daughter who Troy was raised with. So it’s no surprise that he married a black chick. Just like Mia Farrows son, who also married a black chick.

    Although, neither of those guys would have gotten their wives if they were not celebrity kids. Simone is beautiful, shoe looks like she could be related to Halle Barry.

  7. You have my blessings, you go girl! and have babies, becasue you two are going to have pretty children! I am very happy for you two.

  8. I stand by my statements. Alec, I see one pic of Troy and Simone and I wouldn’t say from that pic he is bursting at the seams with happiness. Just because Jane took in a black daughter does not mean he would have married a black woman. Troy was engaged to a white girl named Laura Bridge before he met Simone. How do you know that Troy loves Simone so much? And how do you know Jane welcomed her into the family? Maybe and this is true of many mother in laws, she is going along with her son’s choice. However, I am sure that Simone kissed Jane’s ass from day one to make sure Jane would not openly raise objections. I have seen candids of Jane and Simone together and Jane does not seem too fond of Simone and neither does Troy’s oldest sister, Vanessa. In fact, I am sure Vanessa does not care for Simone.

    Simone is not beautiful. She looks nothing like Halle. She is an average looking black girl (I’m one myself) who has awful dress sense and often times walks around with her hair looking busted.

  9. edit-meant to say that I am a black girl not that I am average looking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But my hubby and kids think I am beautiful and that is all that matters.

  10. It is sad that Aurra Jenkins is so critical and distructive in her comments. Simone happens to be my blood relative and I admire how she did not stoop to Aurra’s criticisms. We are from a very deep Christian Bible believing family and we don’t believe in giving into destructive comments. I wish Troy and Simone God’s divine blessings and that their marriage will be solid and will be one that others can look at as an example. Jane Fonda happens to be a Christian woman as well, and we honor her for that step that she’s taken. What we all should do is pray for one another that God will always be first in their lives and at the head of their household no matter what others think or say.

    You have my blessings Troy and Simone and your families.

  11. I am not critical, I am calling it as I see it and it seems to me that there is more to this relationship than meets the eye. Namely, I think that Jane Fonda, who I would in no way call a Christian, basically meddled in the relationship and Troy went along with it. What self-respecting man lets his mom pick out the engagement ring that he will present to his future wife and what future bride thinks that is okay? And who is Simone Bent anyway and what has she done for herself other than have a failed acting career and latch onto a rich man? Like I said, Troy’s best bet is an iron clad pre-nup. I give this marriage 3 to 6 years, tops.

  12. Aurra Jenkins you need to get a life and stop trying to hate on Simone. She is in a position that you would love to be in. Actually, they are both in a position that you would love to be in. From your letter it sounds like you are probably a lonely single miserable woman. You need not try to put down others to make yourself feel better. If Troy’s strong-willed mom wants to pick out his ring, let her do it. It is not you to decide whether the relationship would work or not. Simone is a well-respected young lady and she continue to show this in all her endeavors. You on the other hand have insecurities and feel it right to make yourself feel better through hurting others. Get it together and stop judging who will or will not be together and who is a Christian or not and start looking into your own life. Look into why it is so important for you to not focus on you and why it is so hard for you to see a Black lady be happy. Try this out and tell what you came up with. I like many women of color am not afraid of success or other womens success in life. Simone is very successful and am sure she has done more than you have any done in life. And she has the experience and husband to show for it. Let that marinate.

  13. I think you have me wrong. As I stated upthread, I am married and have children, two beautiful twin girls, in fact. I am also a pediatrician, so yes, I am successful and I am also Black. Re Simone, I call a spade a spade. I also think it is unnatural that Troy’s “strongwilled” as you call her and in my opinion, bat shit crazy, mama picked out the engagement ring. Troy’s mama is way too involved in that marriage and is obviously calling the shots. Simone is so grateful to have that ring on her finger, she just goes along with it. Trust me, there is no way Troy would have married Simone, a woman who has drifted through life without much, if any focus, unless mama approved.

  14. NO, you have not hit a nerve. Obviously you need to get a life; you are all up in Simone and Troy’s life. A pediatrician? Its more like a pedestrian. Get out the way before someone runs you over. You might also be the ex-fiancee. Whether you are a pediatrician or just a plain Jane fonda’s starker, you need to get it through your head that you don’t have the money Simone Bent has. Actually, she comes from a family that is well off, as well. So whether, Jane Fonda dragged her son to the alter and forced him to say “I do”, has nothing to do with you. GET A LIFE!!! You are not too much happily married otherwise you would be doing your husband instead of doing the Garrity’s love life. Take care of those sick children,” Ms. pediatrician”, and stop taking care of Simone’s glamourious life.
    Black women don’t hate on other black women. You need to stop calling the spades and start uplifting women of color. Just because she is black, she is holding on for dear life over Troy. I don’t think so!!! She was fine before Troy and she is even finer now. So, try to get more patients at your practice because you have to much time on your hands.

  15. If I were you, I would pay some serious attention to my grammatical skills-yours are lacking. It is “glamourous” , not “glamourious”. I could point out your other errors, but they are too numerous.

    Whether or not you believe I am a pediatrician does not bother me in the least. Simone may come from a well off family, but they are not as rich as either Troy or his family. That marriage would not have happened if Troy’s mother was not so anxious to get one of her kids to the altar. Vanessa would not do because she refuses to bend to her mother’s will. Troy is a mama’s boy, so he did what Jane wanted and married Simone. The thing is, marriages like that never work.

  16. I did not know this was a GRAMMAR CLASS but since we are Speaking of GRAMMAR, throughout your threads you used, ‘And’ and ‘But’, to start your sentences. THAT IS GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT!!! These words serve as a conjunction between 2 phrases, sentences or words. You have so many run on sentences, that makes no sense. It takes me reading it 12 times to understand what you are trying to say. I can go on but why try to teach a grammar teacher/pediatrician how to do express themselves without looking to put others down.

    So, back to your HATING on SIMONE dialogue. Simone is happily married to Troy and you do not like it. His mother, Jane, adores her and that is why she help pick out the ring. They are living a lovely life together and are definitely not thinking about you. Get your fake pediatric practice together in your delusional mind and start minding your family, for once. I hope your negative thoughts of Simone divorcing Troy or Troy divorcing Simone does not consume you or should I say constipate you. It that grammatically correct, teacher. Negativity breeds negativity. You are very negative or just strongly run by your ego. GET A LIFE and stop LIVING IN SIMONE’S LIFE.

    GRaMmar chek dat!!!! BYOTCH!!

  17. I am not living Simone’s life and my practice and family are just fine, thank you for your concern. Jane picked the ring because she is controlling-the same reason she approves of Simone, because she knows Simone is passive and will let Jane run and manipulate her marriage. Vanessa, Jane’s daughter, won’t allow this sort of thing and that is why Jane glommed onto Simone. Do you honestly think that Jane would have let her son marry a strong willed woman who would have rightfully told Jane to back off? No. Simone was all to willing to accept this because she is not getting any younger and wanted to be married. She thought long and hard as to how she was gonna play Troy and Jane to make that happen.

  18. Good Lord… First, why is Mrs. Jenkins so full of distain for this couple? Her angry is palpable. Its as if she has a PERSONAL problem w/the family and the couple in particular. Second, the person who attempted to place a proper framing on Mrs. Jenkins comments, I appaulde you. I also appaulde the fact that you just stopped communication with her.

    Going around and around with an idiot, expends usuless energy. Also it alows the idiot to win, because attention was what they want in the first place.


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