Angelina Jolie is “devastated”

According to Us Weekly, Angelina Jolie is “devastated” by the poor box office numbers for her latest flick, “A Mighty Heart.” The much-hyped film earned a paltry $9 million

Maybe it’s because when you do dirt it comes back to you threefold no matter how many kids you adopt!

“She poured her heart into the story and can’t believe people don’t understand how important it is,” the insider tells Us Weekly in this week’s issue.

Helping to lighten her mood: a vacation in France with Brad Pitt, 43, and their four kids.

The whole clan is staying at a $13,818-a-week rental manor in Marthon, which boasts a swimming pool and private theater.

Says an insider, “Brad and Angelina wanted to get away from everything, and France is a great place to do that.”


6 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie is “devastated”

  1. Yeah good for her…she always has been taking somebody else’s man…and goes around comes around in one way or the other…she always likes those married man, breaking homes, it shall come back to her too…i do not like her since she did that to Jennifer, not that i like Jennifer either, i am not a great fan, i had watch Angelina’s movies before but now i don’t…being a slut is not my cup of tea for a favorite entertainer….

  2. Anybody who has children knows that it takes a lot of energy to raise one under the age of 5. How much quality parenting can you do yourself with four kids that little. Give me a break. She collects them like puppies.

    She started believing her own press. People aren’t that enthralled with her.

  3. I think the timing of the release of the movie was off. Seems that summer is the time for blow up and good guy bad guy movies that out of school kids and parents want to go see. The movie was very good – and for anyone who saw it, she did a wonderful job playing the role of a pregnant women who lost her husband to our America’s current number one enemy. I agree with an Oscar nomination. And hats off to Maryanne Pearl for her bravery!!

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