BET 2007 Awards Show Pics



7 thoughts on “BET 2007 Awards Show Pics

  1. Larissa is the realist female on Charm School and I mean it. Yall don’t know the half of what she has been thru. Vh1 made her out to look like another New York who I heard was really named Kenya Simmons hired to play Tiffany Patterson. But anyways Larissa keep doing your thing!

  2. Larissa is so real and pretty. I look up to her and all I can say is fuck these haters and keep doing ya thing.

  3. My gurl beyonce did her thang. Her styleis always so different talk about sexy and chic. no on does it like she does. Go ahead girl work your curves.

  4. Man my husband bow wow was lookin good, and larissa is a bitch and she aint real she needs to grow up. But beyonce was doin her thang like always.

  5. larissa is pretty and i love the way she be giving to them girls putting them back in they place and i love the way beyonce stole the show she is a great performer and one day im gona meet her

  6. well i want to thank monique for helpin me as a big girl out in get loose like lil mama song but in i want to say beyonce you look so cute in rah-rah to in bow wow in omarion all look good words cant say anyway i love yall in some day i will gat to see yall love stephanie….

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